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We are not saying that there are no other good 3 Peaks Challenge providers. However, there are a huge number of poor companies out there who use inexperienced staff and have a limited  understanding of the challenge and what conditions can really be like. 

The Director of Adventure Challenge has been working in the outdoor industry for over 20 years: Having provided adventurous outdoor activities for over half a million people in that time, he, his companies and staff have an  impeccable safety record, without a single insurance claim. We wish to keep it that way and your safety is of vital  importance to us. 

We are lucky to be based in Keswick in the Northern Lake District just a few miles from Scafell. The area has the highest density of  qualified outdoor instructors anywhere in  the country. It is from this pool that we are able to employ some of the best, most experienced and qualified guides. They have extensive experience in running the challenge and all of our guides know it inside out and  hold professional qualifications to work on the mountains. When it’s dark with driving rain and visibility of less than 10 meters you will be glad of their navigational expertise: Every year our guides   bring down other (‘guided’) groups who have been lost on the mountain. Our staff are our best asset, we do not employ  'wet behind the ears'’ newly qualified staff. Our team has vast experience and understanding of what is needed to look after your physical and mental well being.

Most people wish to complete the challenge in the 24 hour schedule, we are fully aware that any small delays are cumulative and could be vital, so we do everything within our powers to maximise people’s chances of success. If you contact us you will be  dealing with someone who has first-hand experience of working on the challenge.

One of the main advantages we have over other companies is that we do not outsource the transport element which many of the  other providers do. This can cause significant time delays. During the course of our challenges we have witnessed or been told of the following problems with other providers:-

  • Drivers disappearing off into town with the bus whilst the group is on the mountain, this is fine until someone comes down from the mountain early due to fatigue, only find the bus has gone.

  • Transport companies providing unsuitable vehicles such as large coaches which are unable to access the best and fastest routes onto the mountain, which are often via narrow, winding roads.

  • Large coaches being used. This makes good financial sense for the 3 peaks challenge company but is not good if you are a participant and have to wait for 50 other people to get down from the mountain before you can leave: Our open challenges have a maximum of 10 people.

  • Drivers taking the easiest route for them (avoiding narrow mountain roads) but not necessarily the best route for the challenge, this can add at least an hour.

  • Drivers suddenly stopping for breaks on route as they have not scheduled for the challenge properly. We know how the challenge works and change drivers ¾ of the way to Scafell to avoid having to stop the bus on route mid challenge for 45 minutes.

  • Our drivers know the best drop off and pick up points and routes for each mountain, this can save valuable minutes, and often makes the difference between success and failure.

  • Many companies start the challenge at around 9 am. on Saturday. This means you finish Ben Nevis at 14.00; the average speed through the Highlands in summer on a weekend during the afternoon is around 35 mph. By Starting our challenge at approx. 15.30, we finish Ben Nevis at around 20.30 - 21.30 which means quiet roads and a clear run saving a vital half hour.

Of secondary importance to all of the above; we are not greedy people, and luckily for you that makes us among the cheapest providers in the country !